teXXmo IoT Button (pressed)

We make you push the Button!

We‘re in the final stages of releasing the latest version of our teXXmo IoT Button. Check out or our early-adopter and our preview specials.

teXXmo IoT Button - new Design

All new Button design

Our design team developed a new sleek design with an option to mount or wear the Button.

teXXmo IoT Button - API

Advanced HTTP GET and Microsoft Azure versions

We enable you to connect to an HTTP web service or to Microsoft Azure - one hardware, many options.

teXXmo IoT Button - location

Localize your Buttons - or your goods

Use either WiFi positioning or iBeacons to know the whereabouts of your Buttons.

teXXmo IoT Button - authentification

Authenticate each push of the Button

Use NFC to avoid unauthorized use of your Buttons. Know who’s pushing.

teXXmo IoT Button - consulting

Let us save your time

We know exactly how to apply teXXmo IoT Buttons to your process. Let us give you a kick-start for your Button application. Spare exploration time and focus on implementation instead.

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